Aurora Theatre Poster
Breakfast for Mugabe
by Fraser Grace

Aurora Theatre PosterThe Lyons
by Nicky Silver

Aurora Theatre PosterLittle Erik
by Mark Jackson

Aurora Theatre PosterThe How and the Why
by Sarah Treem

Aurora Theatre PosterFifth of July
by Lanford Wilson

The Arsonists
Theater Poster illustration

The poster for "The Arsonists" by Max Frisch was included in Communication Arts Illustration Annual 2013 and won a silver medal in Graphis Poster Annual 2014 (as one of a series of posters I illustrated for the Aurora Theatre Company's 2012-13 season.)

Blueprint for Mortgage Lending
Magazine Illustration

Checks and Balances
Magazine Illustration

The Troubled Euro
Magazine Illustration

Global Economic Outlook
Magazine Illustration

Economic Ties: Argentina and the U.S.Magazine Illustration

Internet-based Business
Magazine Illustration

Library Funding
Magazine Illustration

This is How It Goes
Theater poster illustration

Pill Pushers
Magazine Illustration

Girded for the Future
Magazine Illustration

Economy in the Balance
Magazine Illustration

Risk Management
Annual Report Illustration

David Mamet
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