Aurora Theatre Company

Aurora is a small live theatre in Berkeley, California, that often produces thought-provoking new productions. They wanted a website that reflected both the friendliness and accessibility of a small theatre and the high caliber of their shows. To give it a unique look, I suggested a fresh yet dramatic combination of yellow and black, in part to differentiate it from the many red-and-black theatre websites (some of which look great--but there were a lot of them!) We also decided to combine retro and modern elements to suggest the variety of plays, both new and classic, that they offer.

Website design, UI, UX, SEO

Roy Rogers

Website design

Bloom Cannabis Group

A new website for a PR and Marketing firm focusing on the cannabis and music industry.

website design & development, UI, UX, SEO

Pacific Art League

Proposed redesign for gallery/art school website.

proposed website redesign

Pear & Pepper

This company, a couple of young caterers from the City, had a booming business and no time to update the simple site they had thrown together when they had just started out. Happily, they had some dynamite photographs and mouth-watering menus, so it was easy to create a new site using appetizing colors and an elegant yet fun design. 

website design and development

Alvo Institute

Alvo offers products and services around 'blended learning,' which is a new concept for many people coming to the site. We needed to quickly educate viewers about the process, helping them to identify the problem and to envision a solution. To do this, the Alvo team and I developed a slideshowfor the homepage which tells the dream-design-deliver story, a narrative which is fleshed out as you drill deeper into the site.

website design and development, UI

William Iaculla
Fine Art

Bill is a fabulous sculptor, whose work has been exhibited in many museums and galleries throughout the country. He has an amazing collection of his decades of work, and this site serves both as a catalog of his sculpture and to support his own art sales

website design and development 

Chris Golson Fine Photography

Chris captures simple, clean images imbued with a unique glow that I find very refreshing. His site presents his own personal fine art as well as his commercial wedding and portrait photography.

website design and development

Pacific Art League

Of course we all know that it's almost as likely to get hit by lightning as to have someone click your banner ad, but they are still useful marketing tools to raise brand awareness. A well-designed (and non-annoying!) animated banner gets attention, and hopefully gets them to buy your gizmo in the future! (The banner is designed to loop only three times, so you may need to revisit this page to see the animation.)

animated banner
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